South America Water from Space II

November 4-7 2019, Manaus, Brazil

2019 – Day Two

Morning (9h-13h)

Morning (9h00-12h30): Session 2: Integrated studies for hydrology and water cycle.

Chair persons: Eduardo Martins – Marielle Gosset

09h00-09h30: Hydrology reanalysis over South America (Rodrigo Paiva, UFGRS) (25’+ 5’, Confirmed)

09h30-09h50: Lake monitoring from space over SA (J-F. Cretaux (LEGOS, CNES, France), A. Ribeiro Neto (FUP, Brazil), R. Abarca del Rio (UC)) (15’ + 5’, Confirmed))

09h50-10h10: The Water Cycle: closure and variability in South America (Filipe Aires, CNRS, France) (15’+ 5’, Confirmed)

10h10-10h45: The water cycle of African river from a modeling perspective (Congo river by Adrien Paris 15’, CLS, Niger river by Vanessa Pedinotti, Magelium 15’ + 5’, Confirmed)

10h45-11h15: Coffee Break

11h15-11h35: Integrated monitoring of small water objects from space –example of ponds in the arid context of Nordeste (M. Grippa, UPS) (15’+ 5’, Confirmed)

11h35-11h55: Assimilation of satellite observations in hydrological models (Charlotte Emmery, CS, 15’ +5’, Confirmed)

11h35-12h15: Assimilation of satellite altimetry and SWOT observations in hydraulic context (Hind Oubanas, IRSTEA, 15’ +5’, Confirmed)

11h45-12h05: Assimilation of satellite observations in hydrological models (Charlotte Emmery, CS, 15’ +5’, TBC)

Lunch break (12h30-14h00)

Afternoon (14h00-18h00): Session 3: SWOT Early adopters and Water study in the operational context.

Chair persons: Rodrigo Abarca del Rio – Stephane Calmant

14h00-14h20: Brazilian op Agency (Brazil): Brazil needs for RS in Operational context (20’, TBC)

14h20-14h40: CPRM (Brazil): RS of Water in Operational and SWOT context (20’, Confirmed)

14h40-15h00: FUNCEME, Satellite Based activities to monitor water resources in Nordeste Brasil (Eduardo Martins) (20’, Confirmed)

15h00-15h20: SENAMHI, Hydroclimatology from Peru using space data and land climatological observations (Harold Llauca and Waldo Lavado, Peru) (20’, Confirmed)

15h20-15h40:CEMADEN, Operational discharge forecast in rivers managed by CEMADEN: expected benefits from the use of SWOT (J.Tomasella, Brasil) (20’, Confirmed)

15h40-16h00:The Service dObservations HYBAM, (J-M. Martinez, IRD), (20’, Confirmed)

16h00-16h30: Coffee break

16h30-17h30: Session 4: SWOT-Ocean for South America

Chair persons: Otto Rotunno Filho and Fabrice Papa

16h30-17h00: Physical oceanography of Tropical Atlantic in the context of SWOT, the SWOT-Ocean Brazil project (F. Hernandez, IRD, France) (20’+5’, Confirmed)

17h00-17h20: The hydrodynamic continuum of the lower Amazon in the SWOT context : from the estuary to the western Atlantic océan (F. Durand, IRD) (15’+ 5’, Confirmed)

17h20-17h40: Multidisciplinary approaches to describe, understand and monitor eutrophication in the tropical coastal océan (Eduardo Negri, UERJ).

17h40-20h: Poster Session and social event: Hydrology Science and Water Resources from Satellites with special focus in South America.

– We should target ~5 posters (Scientist + Student posters) in each of these areas (total of ~30 posters):

– Water bodies/Lake/Wetlands/Rivers (Current + Volodia, SMASH, etc…)

– Precipitation and HydroClimatology

– Water resources and management

– Hydrology and models in large river basins

– SWOT SA Early adopters

– Estuaries and Coastal

– SWOT SA Early adopters

– Estuaries and Coastal

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