South America Water from Space II

November 4-7 2019, Manaus, Brazil

2019 – Day One

Morning (9h-13h)

08h30-09h00: Registration

09h00-09h15: Welcoming remarks by Organizing Committee

09h15-09h30: Speech by the Ambassador of France to Brazil (15’, Confirmed)

09h30-09h45: Speech by a local representative of Brazil/Manaus (15’, Dr. Bacelar , CPRM)

Chair persons: Chair persons: Daniel Moreira – Fabrice Papa

09h45-10h15: Presentation by CPRM official (20’ + 10’ questions, Dr Bacelar and Dr Peixinho)

10h15-10h45: Presentation by IRD official (F. Seyler) (20’ + 10’ questions, Confirmed)

10h45-11h15: Coffee Break

11h15-11h30: Signature of the Inter-Institutional agreements between IRD and CPRM (by Dr Marie-Pierre Ledru, IRD official to Brazil and Dr Bacelar, CPRM Director)

11h30-12h00: Presentation by CNES official, The SWOT mission, general overview (Jean-François Crétaux, CNES) (20’ + 10’ questions, Confirmed)

12h00-12h30: Presentation by USA official, “World water issues and a focus on South America” (E. Rodriguez, JPL) (20’ + 10’ questions, Confirmed)

Lunch break (12h30-14h00)

Afternoon (14h00-18h)

Session I. Continental water from space and SWOT mission

Chair persons: Rodrigo Paiva – Ernesto Rodriguez

14h00-14h30: Tracking the global extent and seasonality of rivers from space (G. Allen, TAMU, USA) (15’ + 5’, Confirmed)

14h30-14h50: Worldwide Rivers monitoring from altimetry (S. Calmant, IRD, France) and J. Da Silva Santos (UEA, Brazil)) (15’ + 5’, Confirmed)

14h50-15h10: Hydrology and Climate variability (Rodrigo Abarca del Rio, Chile) (15’+ 5’, Confirmed)

15h10-15h30: Water quality in South America from satellite (J.M Martinez, IRD, France and Naziano Filizola, UFAM) (15’ + 5’, Confirmed)

15h30-16h00: Coffee Break

16h00-16h20: Amazon freshwater dynamic from multi-satellite observations. Towards the surface/groundwater storage and fluxes (F. Papa (IRD, France) + J. Tomasella (CEMADEN, Brazil) (15’+ 5’, Confirmed)

16h20-16h40: SAR remote sensing in South American wetlands (Jefferson Ferreira, IDS Mamiraua) (15’+ 5’, Confirmed)

16h40-17h00: Remote sensing of precipitation (M. Gosset (IRD, France) and Romulo Juca Oliveira (LEGOS/GET – INPE)) (15’+ 5’, Confirmed)

17h00-17h45: Round table- discussion- questions

18h00: End of the day 1