South America Water from Space III

21-25 November 2022, Foz do Iguaçu - Brazil

We made on the 19th of April an Online Meeting to keep everyone updated with the SWOT mission and with the latest achievements in hydrology over South America.   

We hosted 5 key presentations:

1) Status of the SWOT mission by Jean-Francois Crétaux (CNES/LEGOS) and Tamlin Pavelski (Uni. North Carolina) (French and US SWOT hydrology PIs) (30mn) (click here)

2) A review on the Special Issue "South American Hydrology and Remote Sensing“ in the MDPI journal Remote Sensing by Rodrigo Abarca (Uni. Conception, Chile) (20mn)  (click here)

3) “Amazon Hydrology From Space: Scientific Advances and Future Challenges” (Fassoni et al., 2021 in Reviews of Geophysics by Rodrigo Paiva (UFRGS/IPH) et al. (30mn) (click here)

4) Status of the SWOT cal/val in South America by Stéphane Calmant (IRD), Nicolas Picot (CNES), Adrien Paris (Hydro Matters) (30mn)  (click here)

5) A short introduction to the upcoming conference in November 2022 by Daniel Moreira (CPRM), Daniel Kazay (Itaipu), Rodrigo Paiva (IPH), Fabrice Papa (IRD/LEGOS) (15mn) + questions"  (click here)