South America Water from Space II

November 4-7 2019, Manaus, Brazil

Day One | Opening Cerimony | Chair persons: Daniel Moreira (CPRM) – Fabrice Papa (IRD)

Speech by the Ambassador of France to Brazil, Dr. Michel Miraillet

Speech by a local representative of Brazil/Manaus, Dr. Bacelar (CPRM)

Presentation by CPRM official, Antônio Carlos Bacelar

Presentation by CPRM official, Frederico Peixinho

Presentation by IRD official, Frédérique Seyler

Presentation by CNES official, The SWOT mission, general overview, Jean-François Crétaux

Presentation by USA official, World water issues and a focus on South America, Ernesto. Rodriguez (JPL,NASA)

Day One | Session I. Continental water from space and SWOT mission | Chair persons: Rodrigo Paiva (IPH,UFRGS) – Ernesto Rodriguez (JPL,NASA)

Tracking the global extent and seasonality of rivers from space,G. Allen, TAMU, USA

Worldwide Rivers monitoring from altimetry, S. Calmant (IRD, France) and J. Da Silva Santos (UEA, Brazil)

Hydrology and Climate variability, Rodrigo Abarca del Rio (UDEC,Chile)

Water quality in South America from satellite, J.M Martinez (IRD) et al.

Amazon freshwater dynamic from multi-satellite observations. Towards the surface/groundwater storage and fluxes, F. Papa (IRD) et al.

SAR remote sensing in South American wetlands, Jefferson Ferreira (IDS Mamiraua)

Remote sensing of precipitation, M. Gosset (IRD, France) and Romulo Juca Oliveira (LEGOS/GET,INPE)

Day Two | Session 2: Integrated studies for hydrology and water cycle. | Chair persons: Eduardo Martins (FUNCEME) – Marielle Gosset (IRD)

Hydrology reanalysis over South America, Rodrigo Paiva (IPH,UFGRS) et al.

Lake monitoring from space over SA, J-F. Cretaux (LEGOS, CNES, France), A. Ribeiro Neto (UFPE, Brazil), R. Abarca del Rio (UdeC,Chile)

The Water Cycle: closure and variability in South America, Filipe Aires (CNRS, France) et al.

Towards Operationnal Flow Forecasting in the Niger River Basin Using Satellite Data Assimilation, V.Pedinotti (Magelium, France) et al.

The water cycle of African river from a modeling perspective:the Congo River, A.Paris (CLS, France) et al.

Integrated monitoring of small water bodies from space in semi arid areas :the example of Sahelian ponds, M. Grippa (UPS, GET, France) et al.

Assimilation of satellite observations in hydrological models, Charlotte Emmery (CS, France) et al.

Assimilation of satellite altimetry and SWOT observations in hydraulic context, Hind Oubanas (IRSTEA, France) et al.

Day Two | Session 3: SWOT Early adopters and Water study in the operational context. | Chair persons: Rodrigo A. del Rio (UdeC) – S. Calmant (IRD)

CPRM (Brazil): RS of Water in Operational and SWOT context, Daniel Moreira (CPRM, Brazil) et al.

FUNCEME, Satellite Based activities to monitor water resources in Nordeste Brasil, Eduardo Martins (FUNCEME, Brazil)

SENAMHI, Hydroclimatology from Peru using space data and land climatological observations, Harold Llauca (SENAMHI, Peru) et al.

CEMADEN, Operational discharge forecast in rivers managed by CEMADEN: expected benefits from the use of SWOT, J.Tomasella (CEMADEN, Brazil) et al.

The Service dObservations HYBAM, J-M. Martinez (IRD, France) et al.

Day Two | Session 4: SWOT-Ocean for South America | Chair persons: Otto Rotunno Filho (COPPE,UFRJ) and Fabrice Papa (IRD)

Physical oceanography of Tropical Atlantic in the context of SWOT, the SWOT-Ocean Brazil project, F. Hernandez (IRD, France) et al.

The hydrodynamic continuum of the lower Amazon in the SWOT context : from the estuary to the western Atlantic ocean, F. Durand (IRD, France) et al.

Multidisciplinary approaches to describe, understand and monitor eutrophication in the tropical coastal ocean, Eduardo Negri (UERJ, Brazil). et al.


Day Three | Session 5: Satellite-based Hydrological studies worldwide. | Chair persons: Javier Tomasella (CEMADEM) and Jean-Francois Crétaux (CNES)

Hydrological modeling studies over the Uruguay River basin, Gonzalo Sapriza (DA CENUR UdelaR, Uruguay) et al. , talk given by Marielle Gosset

The monitoring of SA rivers from SAR and optical observations, Santiago Yepez (UdeC, Chile) et al. , talk given by Rodrigo A. Del Rio

Hydrological studies over the Indian rivers, J.Indu (IIT Mumbay, India) et al. , talk given by Stéphane Calmant

EIBEX - Environmentally Integrated Basin EXperiments : Challenges to the Integration of Field Scale and Watershed Scale Datasets, Otto Rotunno Filho (COPPE,UFRJ,Brazil) et al.

Hydrological studies over the São Francisco River:A remote sensing perspective on a river under highanthropic pressure, Philippe Maillard (UFGM, Brazil)

The use of SMOS and following missions in soil moisture and water surface studies for global hydrology, Ahmad Al Bitar (CESBIO, CNRS, France)

SurfWater’, a dynamical database of water masks with Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2, Santiago Pena Luque (CNES, France)

How will you use OrfeoToolBoxin the next few years ? , Santiago Pena Luque (CNES, France) et al.

Preparing SWOT use with the SWOT Large scale simulator (CNES) and OTB, A. Bohe (CNES, France) et al.

Day Three | Session 6: SWOT mission: GDRI, cal/val activities before launch, new ST and future projects | Chair persons:Philippe Maillard(UFMG) and Adrien Paris (CLS)

The Hydroweb database presentation and its mirror in Brazil, JF Crétaux (CNES, France) , Daniel Moreira (CPRM, Brazil) and Stéphane Calmant (IRD, France)

Ongoing and future Field campaigns in SA and the new GDRI ScyHyLab, Stéphane. Calmant (IRD, France) and D. Moreira (CPRM, Brazil)


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Can regional to continental river hydrodynamic models be locally relevant? A remote sensing perspective, Fleischmann A. (IPH, UFRGS, Brazil) et al.

1D x 2D regional scale hydrodynamic modeling in the Negro River Basin, Amazon, Fleischmann A. (IPH, UFRGS, Brazil) et al.

A simple flood frequency-based method to estimate bathymetry and active storage of lakes from satellite data, Fassoni-Andrade A. (IPH, UFRGS, Brazil) et al.

Getting it right for the right reasons: hydrological model calibration with multiple remote sensing data, Oliveira A. (IPH, UFRGS, Brazil) et al.

Water balance analysis of the Amazon basin using remote sensing and hydrological modeling, Bandeira de Melo Ribeiro C. (UFJF, Brazil) et al.

São Francisco as monitored by Radar Altimetry Satellites, Behnia S. ( University of Stuttgart, Germany) et al.

Hydrologic and hydraulic fields from assimilation of multiple remote sensing products and future SWOT observation, Correa S. (IPH, UFRGS, Brazil) et al.


Airborne Multi And Hyperspectral Cameras : Contributions to Inland Water Quality Monitoring, Olivetti D. (UNB, Brazil) et al.

Quantitative analysis of chlorophyll-a in a semiarid environment using Sentinel-2 satellites, Aranha T.R.B (UFC,FUNCEME, Brazil) et al.

Variability analysis of Alter do Chão aquifer water stock in the Central Amazon from deep wells data and GRACE satellite, Pimentel de Brito A. (PPG CLIAMB INPA/UEA, Brazil) et al.

Creación y validación de la primera red de estaciones virtuales para Uruguay en cursos fluviales y lagos, Perazza G. (FING/UdelaR, Uruguay) et al.